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Intern Architect AAA


MRAIC, M.Arch, BA(dist) Well ap, LEED Green associate

The are are two things I have come to know about that I value. Stories and intentionality. Whether in the work I do, or through the interactions I have, I wake up everyday knowing that I want to celebrate in these two notions.

And architecture just so happens to be the profession that I have a natural skill for and an abundant passion for that enables me to play a part in people’s stories, and that I can implant with as much care and thoughtfulness as I can. Great architects are creative storytellers and great architects are intentional designers.

I have always been an elaborate storyteller, and I loved creating worlds, characters and adventures that I could get lost in. And I have also always enjoyed creating and sharing these worlds. I can still remember being 6 years old, and creating a LEGO old west town, bursting with intricacies and ideas. I would point to countless small elements when sharing it with my parents and explaining in great detail their meaning and rationale for existing. I still do this. I love creating something from nothing and sharing all the pieces of its story. Whether it has been a piece of graphic design, apparel, a video, or a work of architecture, I have always embedded things I build with intention and a good story.

As a design thinker I also attempt to understand design and intentionality when exploring the world around me. This happens to be an all encompassing filter in which to see the world. I am constantly, celebrating, critiquing, or sharing ideas I find in the world. It is inescapable.

And that is why I am here. That is why I have decided to become an architect. To participate in society as a professional in my field to create architectures with a clear narrative, that are intentionally designed.

During my education and my internship opportunities, I have come to know the responsibility architects have to society is immense and public safety is of the highest concern. I understand the technical competency of the profession is paramount and architectures must be performative based on their environment. I recognize the need for a robust understanding of building code, bylaws, and the regulatory aspects of the profession.

Again, good architects are great storytellers and good architects are intentional designers. This is who I want to be, and why I want to be an architect.